Divorce Mediation Attorney in Anaheim

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If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, feel that each of you should come out of the marriage with generally what you are entitled to, think you can probably agree on the big things, and would like to avoid the time, expense and courtroom environment of a contested divorce, a mediation may be right for you.


How We Can Help You With Mediation
My role will be solely that of mediator, and not as an advocate for either husband or wife.
All meetings will take place, either together or separately, in my office, rather than in the courthouse.
I will answer all of your questions, raise issues that should be addressed in your divorce judgment, suggest to you how a judge would likely decide those issues and suggest to you different options for your consideration.
We will prepare all paperwork needed to complete your divorce.
Fees and costs for mediation will almost certainly be substantially less than what you would have incurred in a contested divorce.
The disadvantage to mediation is that if we are unsuccessful in resolving your case, each of you will need to seek other legal counsel, as I will have obtained through the mediation process confidential information from each of you.
Because the mediation process does not entail court appearances, we can assist you regardless of where in California your case will actually be filed.